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Smartphones Can Predict Brain Function Associated With Anxiety and Depression

Data collected from smartphones can accurately predict connectivity between brain regions associated with emotional processing. Analyzing cellphone data, such as social activity, screen time, and location, alongside fMRI brain scans, researchers found smartphone data activity mirrors brain activity associated with depression and anxiety. … Read More

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Smartphone Apps for Mental Health Fall Short of Psychiatrists’ Lofty Expectations

a series of lofty goals began surfacing around a decade ago to use smartphones as psychiatric tools to collect data for individuals’ electronic medical records (EMR). And yet, for a variety of reasons outlined below, these goals have not come anywhere close to being achieved. … Read More

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Could You Have Covid-19? Soon Your Smartwatch or Smart Ring Might Tell You

Smartwatches, smart rings and patches that gather your temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen could serve as an early detection system for Covid-19. WSJ’s Joanna Stern strapped a bunch of stuff to her body and recruited a doctor to figure it all out. … Read More

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The Therapist Is In—and It’s a Chatbot App

Companies rush to offer digital help for psychiatric disorders, after the FDA relaxes its rules amid the Covid-19 pandemic. … Read More

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Wearable health tech finds a niche in Japan’s coronavirus battle

For years, Japan’s dwindling population and deepening labor shortage have fueled a quest for high-tech solutions to bridge the manpower gap, particularly in health care. Now, innovation created to replace workers is finding usefulness amid the coronavirus pandemic. … Read More

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The “next normal” workplace needs to focus on employee well-being, digitization

The world is segueing to the “next normal” of the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes a greater emphasis on the well-being of employees and digitizing most aspects of the workplace, according to executives at PaaS provider ServiceNow. … Read More

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