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The “next normal” workplace needs to focus on employee well-being, digitization

The world is segueing to the “next normal” of the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes a greater emphasis on the well-being of employees and digitizing most aspects of the workplace, according to executives at PaaS provider ServiceNow. … Read More

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Smart Specialty Wearable Devices Can Boost Patient Care

Health care is moving toward a more connected future and wearable devices are tools that pave the way to a more linked care system in the future. The extensive availability of smartphones has further promoted the popularity of smart devices and connectivity. … Read More

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Policies should prioritize human well-being

We’re all experiencing the enormity of the current situation in different ways. There are physical health concerns and economic health concerns, but there are also social health concerns—and in fact, I would say those are likely to be affecting us more broadly than almost anything else. … Read More

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Impact of major life events on wellbeing

Major life events such as marriage, death of a loved one or bankruptcy all affect our wellbeing. Now, for the first time, researchers have compared the differing impact of these events on the happiness and life satisfaction and how long that impact lasts. … Read More

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This is exactly how overthinking is damaging your well-being

Worrying about an event or remembering a painful memory is a normal phenomenon. We all have moments where we think back to a situation and analyze how it went. But after a while, these thoughts go away and we move onto something else. … Read More

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A New Lens On Mental Health And Well-Being At Work

The ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt long after states begin lifting stay-at-home orders – not just economically, but physiologically. … Read More

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